Borislav Varadinov

Borislav Varadinov (1971) is a Bulgarian artist working in the field of fine and applied arts. He has lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium since 2009.

His works encompass a wide range of techniques and artistic approaches – Borislav feels free to express his thoughts and moods through digital media as well as traditional pencil, paint, clay or whatever. The main theme in his works is the relationship and communication with God. He is deeply inspired by the personalistic philosophy of Berdyaev, classical Greek philosophy and art, theology, medieval iconography and Rubens. His works are subject to the context of continuous communication with God and the search for an identical ideal against which to express his own philosophy.
The focus of his work is always inner experience that provides a fulcrum for the study of the processes of communication between a human being and God. Borislav does not aspire to illustrate important political or social events and moods in his works , because he finds them fleeting. His works strive towards a life existing beyond the time and space of visible reality.
Borislav tries to focus the viewer not through the natural senses and uncertain notions of aesthetics, but in the sensation of the spirit that dwells in each of us and he builds a series of personalities in unity, sensuous and recognizable in a divine human form.